D.A.V. Thrift Store
2627 E. University
Des Moines, IA
Store: (515)-262-3850

Free Donation Pickup Service: (515)-262-4740
Benefitting Chapters 20 & 53 of the Disabled American Veterans


There are many ways an individual or organization can donate to D.A.V. Thrift Store.

For Example:

  • Drop-off
    Stop in at our location Tues. thru Sat. 8AM to 7PM and talk to
    one of the cashiers.  They will be more than happy to get someone to help you unload your donations or you could just bring them in the front door with you.
  • Free Pickup
    Call (515)-262-4740 and talk to one of our friendly customer service reps. (Mon through Fri 8AM to 3PM). They will be glad to help you with items you may want to donate.  You can also email your address and phone number to request a pickup donations@davdesmoines.com.  If you would like an idea of what date we are going to be in your area please go to our routing page.

We prefer to have the items put in boxes or bags (if you put it in a box, we recycle it, check our our Recycle page)

We have many items that we can use and a few we are not able to use. Follow this link for the list of acceptable items.